Paravion Technology, Inc. Solves Issue of Transporting Helicopter Wheels by Offering Compact Ground Handling Wheels Product Line

Compact Ground Handling Wheels Solve Issue of Transporting Wheels in Aircraft

The CGHW-100 kit is a pair of compact hydraulic ground handling wheels which easily stow in a small area of the baggage compartment or other storage area during flights. They are quick and simple to use in the situation of an unplanned landing, weather forced landing at a remote airport, or landing at an airport with no helicopter ground handling equipment. They come in a rolling storage bag, are intended for smooth surfaces, and weigh approximately 50 lbs.

Finally, there is a solution for transporting rotorcraft ground handling wheels in the aircraft during flights. The compact ground handling wheels are available for the Airbus (Eurocopter) AS350/355 rotorcraft, in addition to the Bell 206L/407 rotorcraft.

Pricing for the complete kit, including storage bag, is $4450.00 USD.

For more information about the Compact Ground Handling Wheels (CGHW-100-3) kit or other Paravion products, visit Paravion’s web site at, call (970) 224-3898, FAX (970) 224-3899, or e-mail

About Paravion Technology, Inc.

Paravion® Technology, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of aircraft accessories. In 1985, Paravion introduced its first product, Pneumatic Door Openers for the Bell 206 Series, now a standard part of many helicopters. Paravion’s products also include heating systems, air conditioning systems, camera systems, the ARS mapping system, and the Heliporter®, the industry standard ground-handling unit for helicopters.

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