Paravion Technology, Inc. offers a wide range of aircraft modifications, integrations, fabrication, production, and STC services to aviation customers. Paravion strives to provide peak efficiency with its products and services and continues to be a leader in the aviation community.

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  • Over 30 years of experience, proven performance and designs
  • Strong relationships with aircraft OEM’s and familiarity with their processes
  • Experience with a wide range of aircraft types and models
  • Trusted relationships with customers and supporting vendors such as EO/IR sensor manufacturers, downlink manufacturers, and other accessory providers.
  • Wide range of aircraft modification and integration services including ISR, EMS, and ENG completions
  • Solutions for prototype development to full production line requirements
  • Complete engineering services
  • State-of-the-art facilities, machines, and tooling
  • Water Jet
  • 3D printing
  • Plasma cutting
  • Laser cutting
  • Laser engraving/parts identification
  • CNC production
  • All welding types
  • Carbon fiber, composites, and plastics
  • Complex tube bending
  • Polyurethane coating
  • Vacuum forming
  • Laser wire marking
  • Powder coating
  • Painting facilities
  • Sand blasting facilities
  • Chemical resistant label/decal printing
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Customers Utilizing Paravion Kits and Services Include:

  • U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection
  • U.S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Agency
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • Civil Air Patrol
  • London GCPD
  • Canadian Coast Guard
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Air Methods Corporation
  • Mahindra
  • Kazan Helicopters
  • Textron Aviation
  • Bell Helicopter
  • Washoe County Sheriff
  • Washington State Patrol
  • Kansas Highway Patrol
  • Georgia Department of Natural Resources
  • Calcasieu Sheriff
  • Illinois DOT
  • Calgary Police Service
  • Nebraska State Patrol
  • Portland Police Department
  • Washington County Police Department
  • Edmonton Police
  • Calgary Police
  • California Highway Patrol

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Paravion Technology, Inc. Solves Issue of Transporting Helicopter Wheels by Offering Compact Ground Handling Wheels Product Line

Compact Ground Handling Wheels Solve Issue of Transporting Wheels in Aircraft

The CGHW-100 kit is a pair of compact hydraulic ground handling wheels which easily stow in a small area of the baggage compartment or other storage area during flights. They are quick and simple to use in the situation of an unplanned landing, weather forced landing at a remote airport, or landing at an airport with no helicopter ground handling equipment. They come in a rolling storage bag, are intended for smooth surfaces, and weigh approximately 50 lbs.

Finally, there is a solution for transporting rotorcraft ground handling wheels in the aircraft during flights. The compact ground handling wheels are available for the Airbus (Eurocopter) AS350/355 rotorcraft, in addition to the Bell 206L/407 rotorcraft.

Pricing for the complete kit, including storage bag, is $2995.00 USD.

For more information about the Compact Ground Handling Wheels (CGHW-100) kit or other Paravion products, visit Paravion’s web site at https://www.paravion.com, call (970) 224-3898, FAX (970) 224-3899, or e-mail paravion@paravion.com.

About Paravion Technology, Inc.

Paravion® Technology, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of aircraft accessories. In 1985, Paravion introduced its first product, Pneumatic Door Openers for the Bell 206 Series, now a standard part of many helicopters. Paravion’s products also include heating systems, air conditioning systems, camera systems, the ARS mapping system, and the Heliporter®, the industry standard ground-handling unit for helicopters.


Paravion’s new line of Diamond Back monitors provide unsurpassed resolution and daylight readability. Perfect for viewing images from daylight camera systems or FLIR systems as well as for various entertainment devices.


  • Sizes: 8.4″, 10.4″, 12.1″, and 15″
  • Color TFT Active Matrix LCD Flat Panel
  • SVGA Native Resolution – 800 x 600 pixels or XGA 1024 X 768
  • 3 BNC video inputs and one RGB, 15-pin Computer VGA Input
  • Low profile, locking connectors
  • Power cable and VGA cable included, optional touch screen cable included with touch screen option
  • 900 nit daylight readable brightness
  • 700 nit with NVG filter (estimated)
  • Thin profile
  • NEMA 6P/IP68 rated outdoor and weatherproof
  • Black anodized aluminum case
  • Mounting: 1/4″ X 20 insert on bottom or 3 M4X0.7 inserts on back
  • 24VDC (10 Watts)
  • Weight: 4, 5, 5.8, 8 lbs. respectively average
  • Operating Temperature: 0° C to 50° C (32° F to 122° F)
  • Non-Operating Temperature: -55° C to 75° C (-67° F to 167° F)

Utility Fairings

The Utility Fairings consist of a series of Lexan parts designed to be fitted together to form an enclosure of many different shapes. The enclosure measures two inches deep, four inches wide, and as long as necessary to accomplish the routing task. Each part is provided with a flanged surface for attachment to the exterior of the aircraft. The Utility Fairing system is commonly used in the installation of cameras, search lights, air conditioning systems, and similar devices where the internal routing of cables and lines is impractical.

GPS Video Data

The VPC collects the aircraft’s position from a GPS and displays it on the screen numerically. Video can then be combined with a title block of navigation information. The title block can be customized for individual needs or removed and added when necessary. A VPC automatically recognizes and interprets all common GPS baud rates and output formats. An optional protocol processor is available which automatically recognizes GPS data formats and adjusts accordingly.

Typical VPC Data Block:

  • Time and Date
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Airspeed, Track and Altitude

VPC-200 Specifications:

  • 200 screen locations to place your Data Block
  • White or Black letters on a Clear or Grey background
  • Up to 5 more lines (each 20 characters long) used for observer notes, trip purpose and supplier\client\route names
  • Converts Latitude and Longitude position to Universal Transverse Mercator
  • Accepts a wide variety of serial GPS receiver protocols.


Size Weight (lbs.) Power Supply In Power Supply Out Video Formats
7 1/8″ long x 5″ wide x 1-1/2″ high 1.5* 12 – 30 VDC (2.0 Watts) 12 VDC (1.0 Amp) NTSC, PAL or SECAM






* Keyboard adds 1.38 lbs