Sikorsky S-92 Blade Folding Kit

The S-92 Blade Fold System is designed to provide folding of the main rotor blades for the purpose of reducing the aircraft footprint while being stored. The system has been designed to require minimum manpower, equipment, and time to perform the functions of folding or unfolding the main rotor blades. The folding system consists of forward and aft blade support assemblies, blade clamps, and ground handling tools. A blade clamp is attached to each of the main rotor blades providing a means for the blade support assemblies to be attached to the blades and creates a safe process to fold the blades of the aircraft. The entire process is simple and efficient to fold and unfold to return the blades to their normal fly-away state.

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Part Number: S92BF-100-1

Application: Blade Folding Kit for Sikorsky S-92

Weight (lbs): 146

Price: $0.00

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