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The Paravion® 206 Series and 407 heater system represents the latest in “state of the art” technology for its class. Our unit offers better performance with less weight and maintenance than competitive systems. Utilizing a series of ejectors located under the front seats, hot air is mixed within inches of the outlets and circulated throughout the cabin without using heavy blowers or ducting. Installation of the optional defroster kit (Bell 206 series) allows for the removal of the Bell defog blowers, the Bell 407 kit includes forward heater/defrost ejectors.  Lightweight and simple to maintain, the installation is FAA/STC approved and ships with all necessary parts. Also approved for Rolls-Royce 250-C20R engines.

*Note: Bell 206A / OH-58 heater installation not approved for use with Rolls-Royce 250-C18 series engines.

Product Pricing

Part Number


Weight (lbs)

Price (USD)

Part Number: 206EC-900-1

Application: Cabin Heater (Bell 206A/B)

Weight (lbs): 13.8

Price: $6490.00

Part Number: 206EC-906-1

Application: Cabin Heater (Bell 206L)

Weight (lbs): 11.5

Price: $7315.00

Part Number: 206EC-906-2

Application: Cabin Heater (Bell 206L-1)

Weight (lbs): 11.5

Price: $7315.00

Part Number: 206EC-906-3

Application: Cabin Heater (Bell 206L-3, L-4)

Weight (lbs): 11.5

Price: $7315.00

Part Number: 206EC-906-4

Application: Cabin Heater (Bell 206L-4 with Part. Sep, S/N 52001-52329)

Weight (lbs): 11.5

Price: $7315.00

Part Number: 206EC-906-5

Application: Bleed Air Heater Kit (S/N 52330 & Subs. w/Inlet Barrier)

Weight (lbs): 11.5

Price: $8745.00

Part Number: 407H-100-4

Application: Cabin Heater for aircraft w/Particle Separator or at least Bleed Air provisions.

Weight (lbs): 14.5

Price: $10890.00

Part Number: 407H-100-5

Application: Cabin Heater for aircraft w/no Particle Separator or Bleed Air provisions.

Weight (lbs): 16.9

Price: $13090.00

Part Number: 407H-100-6

Application: Cabin Heater (with or without Bleed Air Provisions, S/N 54300 & Subs)

Weight (lbs): 17.4

Price: $13090.00

Part Number: 206EC-512-1

Application: Defroster Kit (Bell 206A/B/OH-58)

Weight (lbs): 2.7

Price: $2150.00

Part Number: 206EC-512-2

Application: Defroster Kit (Bell 206L Series)

Weight (lbs): 2.7

Price: $2150.00

Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.

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 Heater/Defrost Selector Valve