Cessna Custom Operator’s Station Mount

Paravion® originally designed this accessory to fulfill requirements for an adjustable ergonomic camera and control center in the rear area of the Cessna 182, 206, or 210 this custom operators station provides an efficient working location for the tactical flight officer or operator.¬† Monitors, radio heads, headset jacks, computer ports, hand controllers, and many other items can be easily adapted to this internal mount which attaches quickly to the standard seat rails in the Cessna aircraft noted. This mount swivels and is quickly adjustable to provide various positions for different operators to adapt the mount to meet their own preferences. A field approval is required for installation. This product does not carry an STC or PMA and is produced only through individual customer request. All approval requirements for installation are the responsibility of the aircraft owner. Please contact a Paravion¬†sales representative for more information.

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Part Number: C206MM-1000-1

Application: Custom Operator’s Station Mount

Weight (lbs): 14.6

Price: $0.00

Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.

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