Engine Relight

Never before has it been more feasible to add the additional safety feature of engine auto-relight to your helicopter. The Paravion® Engine Relight Kit provides an economical option to the kit currently offered by the aircraft manufacturer. In addition, the simplicity in design makes this a lightweight, low maintenance system that can be installed in under 10 man-hours. The Paravion Engine Relight Kit is FAA/CAA(Canada)/CAA(UK)/LBA STC approved for Bell 206 Series and Agusta Bell 206A/B helicopters and satisfies the requirement for an engine re-ignition system when operating in falling or blowing snow.

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Part Number: 206ER-100-1

Application: Engine Relight Kit

Weight (lbs): 0.7

Price: $13195.00

Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.

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