Cessna 208B Retractable Sensor Systems Mount

Based on the successful External Load Provisions (C208ELP) belly rail kit for mounting sensor systems on the belly of the Cessna Grand Caravan, Paravion has taken the configuration a step further and developed a Caravan cargo pod compatible retraction device capable of handling various sizes of sensor systems and payloads. In addition, two locations (A or C location in Cessna Cargo Pod) are available allowing for dualĀ  sensor installations. With the design theory focusing on the most efficient and effective scenario for the retracted sensor, operators can comfortably land at a desired location without bringing extra attention to the aircraft. The retraction design also provides excellent protection for the sensor, virtually no drag when en route and this installation does not consume any cabin space like other designs. Paravion has accounted for all of the latest safety features to include automatic retraction in low altitude situations, a maintenance control so technicians can service the sensor on the ground and back up power to provide retraction for a power loss situation. Retraction and deployment of the payload is controlled by smooth well proven electric over hydraulic components (not pneumatics) in order to manage the various climate conditions outside the aircraft. The kit also has automatic closing doors and is DO160 tested and approved. With a focus of offering the latest design at a very competitive price structure, the Paravion retraction mount is the optimum solution for Caravan ISR operations.

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* Part Number C208RT-900-X includes retraction device with mounting provisions for one payload. Factory Cessna cargo pod and sensor adapter (if needed, contact us for a quote) for customers chosen payload are not included. The Retraction Device is compatible with some common camera systems without the need for an adapter.


Kit Configurations

Cessna C208B C208RT-900-1 (AFT position) C208RT-900-2 (FWD position) C208RT-900-3 (AFT position) C208RT-900-4 (FWD position)
Max Payload 21.1″x24.4″ 21.1″x24.4″
Max Payload 15.5″x19″ 15.5″x19″

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List of Available Documents

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