Cabin Steps

The popular Paravion® Cabin Step is now available for use with emergency float gear as well as the high gear configuration. Available for the 206 A, B, and L series, the hinged steps are approved for lightweight floats. The non-corrosive, composite step features safety and comfort when entering and exiting the aircraft. In addition, the step rails are microwave transparent for use in ENG applications. All steps are FAA/STC approved.

Product Pricing

Part Number


Weight (lbs)

Price (USD)

Part Number: 206CS-100-1

Application: Cabin Steps (Bell 206A/B)

Weight (lbs): 18.7

Price: $0.00

Part Number: 206CS-101-1

Application: Hinged Cabin Steps (Bell 206A/B)

Weight (lbs): 24.4

Price: $0.00

Part Number: 206CS-100-2

Application: Cabin Steps (Bell 206L, L-1, L-3, L-4)

Weight (lbs): 23.2

Price: $0.00

Part Number: 206CS-101-2

Application: Hinged Cabin Steps (Bell 206L, L-1, L-3, L-4)

Weight (lbs): 29.4

Price: $0.00

Part Number: 206CS-100-9

Application: Attachment Fittings

Weight (lbs):

Price: $0.00

Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.

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