Bell 429 Blade Fold Kit

The Paravion Blade Fold Kit for the Bell 429 folds the main rotor blades into a two-blade forward, two-blade aft configuration (additional pictures below). This allows the aircraft to be stored in a smaller foot print for compact locations, such as field hangars, long-term storage, or aboard ocean-going vessles. The complete kit includes FAA STC approved fixed provisions that are permanently installed on the aircraft. The nose installation includes two brackets that are installed on the nose just forward of the left and right door posts and one bracket is installed on the center windshield post. The aft support provisions include two brackets attached at existing fastener locations on the fuselage side of the tailboom attach point and one just above the aft, right-side cargo cowling or clam shell door. These provisions are designed to be small and light weight so as not to adversely affect aircraft performance. The provisions can be purchased separately in order to accomodate multiple aircraft installations for just one set of main rotor blade supports. The main rotor blade supports are designed to be easy to install and remove, but also provide the required structure to handle adverse conditions that may be found in certain applications. The forward support is attached to two pins that are inserted into the forward fixed provisions. Once the support is raised into position, it is attached to the center windshield post via a clasp on the support rope. The aft support is installed on two pins that are inserted into the aft brackets and then pushed forward, raising the blade off of its droop stop and held in place by inserting the support strut into the mount above the aft cargo cowling or clam shell door. With the supports in place, the inboard expandable blade bolts can be removed from the two supported blades. The tail rotor is then turned to bring the two perpendicular blades, parallel with the supported blades. These two blades are then secured to the blade fold supports. This process takes two personnel, approximately 15 minutes to fold the blades. The procedure is reversed to return the aircraft to a flyable configuration. Typical installation labor time for the fixed provisions is 8 tech-hours.

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Part Number: 429BF-600-1

Application: Blade Folding Complete Kit

Weight (lbs): 59.6

Price: $0.00

Part Number: 429BF-600-3

Application: Blade Folding Kit Supports and Clamps Only

Weight (lbs): 58.0

Price: $0.00

Part Number: 429BF-100-1

Application: Blade Folding Provisions

Weight (lbs): 1.6

Price: $0.00

Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Website line drawing 429BF overheadFolded Configuration (click on picture to expand)

429BF 2016 2Forward Blades Folded

429BF 2016Aft Blades Folded

429bf-prod-photoCompleted Blade Fold Configuration