Bell 407/427 Main Rotor Blade Tie Down Kit

The Bell 407/427 blade sock ties downs have long been a tedious and inconvenient process.  For many people reaching the blade tips and trying to slip the sock over the blade is extremely difficult.  Paravion® solves this issue with a main rotor blade tie down kit that uses specially designed extended length hooks to secure the blade tips and then tie to the main landing gear. Convenient for short and tall individuals, simply reach up and hook the blade tip. The kit consists of four lightweight blade hook and rope assemblies which attach quickly utilizing trigger latches and other convenient hardware.  A simple and affordable kit that makes a common operation substantially more convenient than the original factory design kit.

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Part Number: 407BH-100-1

Application: Main Rotor Blade Tie Down Kit (Longrod)

Weight (lbs): 6.0

Price: $0.00

Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Tie Downs Installed

Tie Downs Installed

Hooked Blade Tip (No Blade Sock Hassle Required)