Revised STC offers additional sizes of workstations for Cessna 208/208B

Paravion Technology, Inc. announced that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved revisions to Paravion’s STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) SA00685DE, to include two new workstation configurations for Cessna 208 and 208B aircraft. These workstations are commonly used for ISR and utility operations. The workstation provides operators using mission-specific equipment, such as airborne mapping and camera systems, an effective and ergonomic design from which to perform their duties. The workstations include a comfortable desktop, front face, and various panels for mounting monitors, keyboards, radios, control heads, switches, and other necessary items.

The new workstation configurations include a standard size unit with a vertical front face to offer more comfortable viewing of equipment, in addition to a larger unit that offers more space for wide-screen displays and other mission-specific items. Power supplies, electronic control units, video distribution boxes, downlink equipment, mapping and mission computers, and other similar items are easily mounted within the cabinet. The workstations mount to existing seat tracks and can be quickly installed and removed to reconfigure the aircraft for different mission profiles.

The workstation comes ready for modification to accept the customer’s choice of equipment or the customer can provide their equipment to Paravion for integration into the cabinet at additional expense.

The workstation is a perfect complement to the Paravion Technology, Inc. External Load Provisions STC kit which offers a versatile solution for mounting cameras systems, LIDAR systems, and many other external devices on the Cessna 208B Caravan.

For additional information visit the Cessna Caravan Mounts & Surveillance Accessories page on the Paravion Technology, Inc. website.

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