Cessna 208B Retractable Sensor Systems Mount

Based on the successful External Load Provisions (C208ELP) belly rail kit for mounting sensor systems on the belly of the Cessna Grand Caravan, Paravion has taken the configuration a step further and developed a Caravan cargo pod compatible retraction device capable of handling various sizes of sensor systems and payloads. In addition, two locations (A or C location in Cessna Cargo Pod) are available allowing for dual  sensor installations. With the design theory focusing on the most efficient and effective scenario for the retracted sensor, operators can comfortably land at a desired location without bringing extra attention to the aircraft. The retraction design also provides excellent protection for the sensor, virtually no drag when en route and this installation does not consume any cabin space like other designs. Paravion has accounted for all of the latest safety features to include automatic retraction in low altitude situations, a maintenance control so technicians can service the sensor on the ground and back up power to provide retraction for a power loss situation. Retraction and deployment of the payload is controlled by smooth well proven electric over hydraulic components (not pneumatics) in order to manage the various climate conditions outside the aircraft. The kit also has automatic closing doors and is DO160 tested and approved. With a focus of offering the latest design at a very competitive price structure, the Paravion retraction mount is the optimum solution for Caravan ISR operations.

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* Part Number C208RT-900-X includes retraction device with mounting provisions for one payload. Factory Cessna cargo pod and sensor adapter (if needed, contact us for a quote) for customers chosen payload are not included. The Retraction Device is compatible with some common camera systems without the need for an adapter.


Kit Configurations

Cessna C208B C208RT-900-1 (AFT position) C208RT-900-2 (FWD position) C208RT-900-3 (AFT position) C208RT-900-4 (FWD position)
Max Payload 21.1″x24.4″ 21.1″x24.4″
Max Payload 15.5″x19″ 15.5″x19″

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Kazan Ansat Heater and A/C kits

Expanding the product line for the Kazan aircraft, Paravion now provides the air conditioning and heating systems for the Ansat airframes. These kits are the factory installed systems utilized on the assembly line. Both the Kazan Ansat and MI series are designed for various operations such as passenger transport, internal or external cargo transport, medical evacuation, and ferry service. The Paravion air conditioning and heater sytems are well proven and have been installed on large fleets and for single aircraft operators alike. This system is specified by the aircraft OEM as the authorized kit for the Ansat series aircraft.

Installations have been completed on the following models: Ansat Series.

Please contact a Paravion representative for additional information, pricing and availability.

Sikorsky S-92 Blade Folding Kit

The S-92 Blade Fold System is designed to provide folding of the main rotor blades for the purpose of reducing the aircraft footprint while being stored. The system has been designed to require minimum manpower, equipment, and time to perform the functions of folding or unfolding the main rotor blades. The folding system consists of forward and aft blade support assemblies, blade clamps, and ground handling tools. A blade clamp is attached to each of the main rotor blades providing a means for the blade support assemblies to be attached to the blades and creates a safe process to fold the blades of the aircraft. The entire process is simple and efficient to fold and unfold to return the blades to their normal fly-away state.

Air Conditioning Systems Kazan MI Series Aircraft

For nearly 20 years Paravion has provided the air conditioning systems for the Kazan MI series aircraft and this kit is the factory installed air conditioning system utilized on the assembly line. The MI series, a single main rotor medium transport aircraft, is designed for various operations such as passenger transport, internal or external cargo transport, medical evacuation, and ferry service. Operated extensively around the world, the aircraft is commonly utilized in hot climates. The Paravion air conditioning system is well proven and has been installed on large fleets and for single aircraft operators alike. This system is specified by the aircraft OEM as the authorized kit for the MI series aircraft.

Installations have been completed on the following models: MI8, MI8PS, MI8MTV, MI17, MI172, MI17 1-V, MI171 ( Ulan Ude), MI17 V5, MI17 1VA

Please contact a Paravion representative for additional information and availability.

Air Conditioning System for Bell 505

Under the List of Available Documents, please find the installation drawings, installation instructions, and instructions for continued airworthiness (ICA) for the air conditioning system installed in the Bell Model 505 helicopter manufactured by Paravion®. This kit is approved as part of the aircraft type certificate. Kits and spare parts must be purchased directly from Bell. For customer support on this kit, please contact Bell Product Support Engineering.

Cessna Camera Sensor and Payload Mounts

Paravion® Technology provides complete camera sensor packages to include sales, installation, and approval of airborne camera sensor systems. Paravion Technology offers a complete line of electronic components and mounting hardware to tailor a system to your specific needs. Paravion has developed a line of mounts which allow for a maximum weight and dimension payload (see below applicable installation drawings), Wescam MX-10, IAI POP, FLIR Systems MK I, MK II, MK III, Ultra 7000, Ultra 7500, Ultra 8000, and Ultra 8500 camera sensors to adapt to several aircraft. Using our quick mount system, the camera sensor can be transferred easily between helicopters or fixed wings, including mixed fleets! Call for an estimate on your camera sensor system installation options. Paravion Technology’s™ mounting systems provide easy installation and a variety of positions for increased operator comfort. The mount kit provisions are STC approved (not including the various imaging systems) and come complete with the installation kit, electronics tray and/or auxiliary equipment mount rails, gimbal adapter, and mount unless specified otherwise.

Fixed Wing

Paravion’s line of airborne camera sensor mounts include the below applications for the Cessna aircraft and allow for a maximum weight and dimension payload as noted below in the applicable installation drawings. This mount employs the same “quick mount” concept used in the helicopter line; it is lightweight and installs easily. An equipment cabinet that attaches to the seat rails is included for mounting the monitor and other equipment. This kit includes all necessary hardware and some STC’s are pending on the models listed.

Aircraft Provisions for FLIR MKI & MKII Provisions for FLIR MKII, U7000, &U7500 Provisions for FLIR U8000 & U8500 Provisions for L-3 Wescam MX-10 or STC Max Payload Provisions for IAI POP 200 Net Weight (Approximate)
Cessna R182 C182IR-100-1 C182IR-100-3 C182IR-100-7(1)  C182IR-100-13 C182IR-100-10 15 / 20 lbs.
Cessna 182R,Q C182IR-100-2 C182IR-100-4 C182IR-100-8(1)  C182IR-100-14 C182IR-100-11 15 / 20 lbs.
Cessna 182T,S &T182T C182IR-100-5 C182IR-100-6 C182IR-100-9(1)  C182IR-100-15 C182IR-100-12 15 / 20 lbs.
Cessna TU206G C206IR-100-1 C206IR-100-3 C206IR-100-5(1) C206IR-100-9 C206IR-100-7 15 / 20 lbs.
Cessna 206H & T206H C206IR-100-2 C206IR-100-4 C206IR-100-6(1) C206IR-100-10 C206IR-100-8 15 / 20 lbs.
Cessna 210 C210IR-100-1 C210IR-100-2 C210IR-100-3(1) C210IR-100-4 15 / 20 lbs.
(1)These kits include Paravion’s IR-420-2 Isolation Collar. Note: Typical installation time is 45-60 man-hours.

Isolation Collar

The Paravion Isolation Collar is designed as an affordable accessory to most existing Camera/IR installations along with most new installations. A direct replacement for the standard collar assembly that has been widely produced by Paravion for airborne camera users, this isolation collar can significantly improve image quality and camera life. The isolation collar is tunable for variations in aircraft vibration and actively works to absorb these vibrations before they reach the gimbal. The isolation collar is lightweight and adds very little height to the typical installation. FAA/PMA approved.

Application Part Number Net Weight
Call for specifics IR-420-2 5.0 lbs.

Sikorsky S-76D Blade Fold Kit

In coordination with the aircraft manufacturer, Paravion® has further extended its Blade Fold Kit line to include the S-76D. Utilizing Paravion’s well proven design, this kit allows for storing the aircraft in the same space as a two bladed rotorcraft. The entire process is simple and efficient with its unique quick connect/disconnect design. A blade clamp is attached to each of the main rotor blades providing a means for the blade support assemblies to be attached to the blades and creates a safe process to fold the blades of the aircraft. This kit is designed for use aboard ocean-going vessels and breaks down to fit in the baggage compartment. Sikorsky fixed provisions are required and not included.

Cessna Custom Operator’s Station Mount

Paravion® originally designed this accessory to fulfill requirements for an adjustable ergonomic camera and control center in the rear area of the Cessna 182, 206, or 210 this custom operators station provides an efficient working location for the tactical flight officer or operator.  Monitors, radio heads, headset jacks, computer ports, hand controllers, and many other items can be easily adapted to this internal mount which attaches quickly to the standard seat rails in the Cessna aircraft noted. This mount swivels and is quickly adjustable to provide various positions for different operators to adapt the mount to meet their own preferences. A field approval is required for installation. This product does not carry an STC or PMA and is produced only through individual customer request. All approval requirements for installation are the responsibility of the aircraft owner. Please contact a Paravion sales representative for more information.

Bell 407/427 Main Rotor Blade Tie Down Kit

The Bell 407/427 blade sock ties downs have long been a tedious and inconvenient process.  For many people reaching the blade tips and trying to slip the sock over the blade is extremely difficult.  Paravion® solves this issue with a main rotor blade tie down kit that uses specially designed extended length hooks to secure the blade tips and then tie to the main landing gear. Convenient for short and tall individuals, simply reach up and hook the blade tip. The kit consists of four lightweight blade hook and rope assemblies which attach quickly utilizing trigger latches and other convenient hardware.  A simple and affordable kit that makes a common operation substantially more convenient than the original factory design kit.

Cessna Caravan Mounts & Surveillance Accessories

Paravion® offers a complete package of products to outfit the Cessna 208/208B Caravan as a world-class surveillance platform. This includes mounting provisions for external loads, work stations for equipment operators, and a forward monitor mount for cockpit reference.

C208ELP – External Load Provisions

The external load provisions are approved for installation on the Cessna 208B Grand Caravan and can carry two loads of up to 150 lbs. each or a single load of up to 300 lbs. The load can have a maximum height of 26.25 inches when installed forward of station 241 and linearly decreasing to 9.41 inches when installed at station 332. The rails are designed to offer a flexible mounting solution for a variety of equipment, such as cameras, downlink antennas, etc. Typical installation labor time for the fixed provisions is 200 tech-hours.

C208WS – Workstation Installation

The workstation installation for the Cessna 208 Caravan and Cessna 208B Grand Caravan provides a means of mounting and storing a wide variety of mission equipment, such as camera controls, monitors, recorders, radios, downlink controllers, etc. It is ergonomically designed so that the operator can sit in a standard seat. The front of the workstation is constructed of a forward facing panel for holding visually accessible equipment and a desktop to mount such items as hand controllers. The interior of the workstation contains three shelves for holding remote-mount equipment. Each shelf, including the front panel, can hold up to 35 lbs. of equipment.

C208MM – Monitor Mount Installation

The monitor mount installation for the Cessna 208 Caravan and Cessna 208B Grand Caravan provides a means of mounting a pilot/co-pilot monitor in the cockpit so that surveillance operations can be easily monitored and flight path optimized for the camera operator. The mount is capable of holding a monitor that weighs less than 10.0 lbs. and is 10.0 inches high by 11.6 inches wide by 4.8 inches deep and an overall height limit when mounted of 12.1 inches.