About Paravion

For over three decades, Paravion® Technology Inc. has offered the helicopter industry an exceptional line of accessories supported by a firm commitment to quality and service. Paravion® products are utilized on aircraft worldwide by an industry that demands safety, reliability, and product support.

Design strategy is the key to developing efficient performance in products. Paravion® Technology Inc. is known for simple ideas which are made to work at peak efficiency with durability to last. Engineering and design capabilities are supported by modern computer technology working in concert with a highly skilled staff which is versatile and knowledgeable of the aviation industry.

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These services are also available on a consulting or contractual basis.

The design and manufacturing staffs are experienced in the use of composites, honeycomb, plastics, and common alloy metals for the fabrication of cost-effective parts and components. Utilization of in house 3D printers, laser cutters/engravers, and CNC technology in the machine shop department ensures high volume production and prototype work is done economically.

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Welding fabrication capabilities include MIG, TIG, Oxy-Acetylene, and arc welding of most ferrous and nonferrous metals. In addition, water jet cutting and an optical pattern cutter which utilizes both plasma and acetylene torches is utilized for efficient cutting of complex shapes from all metals.

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At Paravion® Technology, Inc., we care about your needs. Any time you have questions concerning a Paravion® product, or would like to discuss a new concept or development, please feel free to call a representative.