Pedal Extensions

Built for the Bell 206 Series and 407, the Paravion Pedal Extensions extend the pedal adjustment range beyond the standard factory limits. The extensions provide extra adjustment in both directions increasing the safety and comfort levels of both tall and short individuals. The kit extends the pedal position by 3.75 inches forward and shortens the position by 3 inches aft. The system fills the requirements of flight schools and fleets which need the ability to accommodate a great range of physical characteristics. Pedal extensions are available for pilot and co-pilot positions and are FAA/STC approved.

Product Pricing

Part Number


Weight (lbs)


Part Number: 206PX-100-4

Application: Pedal Extension (Pilot Side)

Weight (lbs): 3.4

Price: $3100.00

Part Number: 407PX-100-3

Application: Pedal Extensions, (Co-Pilot)

Weight (lbs): 3.5

Price: $3100.00


Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.

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