Compact Ground Handling Wheels

The CGHW-100 kit is a pair of compact hydraulic ground handling wheels which easily stow in a small area of the baggage compartment or other storage area during flights and provide a solution for moving the helicopter if standard equipment is not available. They are quick and simple to use in the situation of an unplanned landing, weather forced landing at a remote airport, or landing at an airport with no helicopter ground handling equipment. They come in a rolling storage bag, are intended for use on smooth surfaces, and weigh only approximately 50 lbs compared to factory wheel options which can weigh nearly twice as much.

They are currently available for the Bell 206L/407 and Eurocopter AS350/355.

Product Pricing

Part Number


Weight (lbs)


Part Number: CGHW-100-1

Application: Compact Ground Handling Wheels (Bell 206L Series & 407)

Weight (lbs): 45.0

Price: $4250.00

Part Number: CGHW-100-2

Application: Compact Ground Handling Wheels (Eurocopter AS350/355)

Weight (lbs): 52.0

Price: $4250.00


Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.

additional product photos

CGHW kit stowed Bell 407
Web Photo 407 CGHWBell 407 CGHW kit installed
AS350/355 CGHW kit installed
CGHW kit stowed AS350/355